Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have items for sale that I can just stop in and purchase? Yes we do!  We have a selection of cakes (usually 6 or 8 inch already decorated cakes) and cupcakes for you to purchase.  While we try to keep a good stock of theses items, demand varies daily.  If you know you need a cake or cupcakes, or want a specific flavor or design it is highly reccommended that you place an order at least 7-10 days in advance.  Please call us to check our inventory of ready made items, 262/377-7268.
  • Where are you located?  We are located at W62 N608 Washington Avenue in Cedarburg, WI.
  • What are your hours?  In Cedarburg we are open Tuesday 10-3, Wednesday-Friday from 10-5 and Saturday from 10-3.  We are closed Sunday-Monday.
  • How much are your cupcakes?  Our cupcakes start at $3 each.  There is a discount to $2.25 each when ordered in quantities greater than a dozen with 72 hours advanced notice.  Cupcakes can be custom decorated for an additional charge. 
  • How do I place an order?  Please call us at 262/377-7268 to place your order by phone.  If you are more than 7-10 days ahead place an online order for cakes or cupcakes by clicking on the corresponding tab in the above header bar.  Please check our Brochure to see our selection of flavors and sizes.  To place an order we need to know the size you would like, the cake flavor, the filling flavor(s) (you can pick up to two flavors of filling), decorating requests, and any words you would like on the cake.  It is also helpful for us to know the age of the person the cake is for, the occasion, and any special hobbies, colors, or additional preferences.  We do our best to answer our phone and return calls in a timely fashion, but please consider that most days we truly are "up to our elbows" in butter cream....or batter.....or dish water.
  •  How far in advance do I need to place an order? To ensure we can accommodate your order, please call us 7-10 days prior to your pick up day. We always try to accommodate orders placed in less time but appreciate advanced notice.  Please be aware that high school graduation, Strawberry Fest, Harvest Fest, and holidays fill up quickly and may require additional advanced notice.
  • Why do you need a 7-10 day notice for an order?  There are many reasons we suggest this advance notice.  First, we bake your cake and make all of your filling and frostings fresh for your order.  We do not have freezers to pull cakes from or vats of pre-made frostings to use.  Some specialty cakes and fillings require perishable special ingredients that we have to get specifically for your cake (for instance, a good banana cake is made with VERY ripe bananas).  Secondly, we may have already committed to other orders, weddings, or events. In an effort to maintain our level of quality and attention to detail we must make sure that those orders are filled as promised before taking on additional orders.  Lastly, it is sometimes challenging to connect with customers to confirm orders and expectations.  In the event of phone tag there is sometimes not enough time.  If we can fulfill your last minute order with the integrity that we both expect we most definately will, but there are some instances in which we simply cannot accomodate more orders.  
  • When should I pick up my order? Customers are given a pick up window when placing their orders.  We plan our work day based on pre-arranged pick-up times, so please let us know if your plans change.
  • Does my cake need refrigeration?  Cakes should be refrigerated prior to serving and when keeping left overs.  Most people prefer to serve the cake at room temperature to allow for a creamy consistency of the butter cream (our butter cream is made with all butter and will have the consistency of refrigerated butter if served right out of the fridge).  Keep cakes at room temp for 2 hours before serving to allow for optimal taste and texture.
  •  Can I schedule a wedding cake/event tasting? We provide cake tastings/consultations for weddings and events by appointment for a fee of $10. For more information on weddings, please see our Wedding Information page.
  • I have an invitation/napkin/picture/image/theme I would like to incorporate in my cake design, can you do that? We are glad to work with you on a design that meets your needs and expectations. If you would like a specific image, character, or design we require that you send us that image 5 days prior to your cake order. Without this information we cannot guarantee your requested colors/design. You can e-mail us at ddcakes2@wi.rr.com or drop off a hard copy.
  • I (or someone I know) have a nut/gluten/dairy allergy, are these ingredients in your cakes?  Our cake ingredients do not have nuts listed as an ingredient, but some of the ingredients used to make our cakes have "made in a plant that has shared equipment with products that may contain nuts" on them.  In addition, we do have pecans, walnuts, and peanut butter at the bakery that we use as ingredients in other recipes.  We do not offer gluten free items last this time and use dairy extensively in our products.  We do our best to avoid cross contamination but CANNOT GUARANTEE our products are allergy free.
  • Do you make gluten free or vegan cakes?  We do not offer gluten free or vegan products.